Janome - MC15000 Operations Class#2 - Embroidery

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Janome - MC15000 Operations Class#2 - Embroidery

Location: East Mesa
Address: 3716 E. Main St, Mesa, AZ 85205
Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Instructor: Kat Emmelkamp (kat@mulqueen.com)

This is an EMBROIDERY class for owners of the Janome MC15000 machine. Please do NOT sign up for this class if you own a different model machine.

NOTE: The Sewing portion for the MC15000 is held on a different day. Please do NOT sign up for this embroidery operations class until you have taken the Sewing/Intro class for your machine. You will need to sign up for Sewing class separately.

For the 2nd class you will be learning all about embroidery on the 15000. You will learn how to bring designs in to the machine, how to combine multiple designs on the screen, and how to edit on the 15000. We will also introduce you to the Embroidery Link Tool in Horizon Link Suite software and how to send designs to your machine.

Please bring the following to class:
• machine with power cord, foot control, accessories tray or extension table
• your instruction manual (you may want to also bring some paper to take notes on)
• laptop with the Horizon Link Suite program installed on it (if you need help with installing the software, also bring the Horizon Link Suite CD)
• all your accessories and feet that came with the machine
• a spool of all-purpose sewing thread (please do not bring white, beige or black thread). You can also bring 50wt cotton quilting thread if you prefer. If you do not have a "good" spool of thread, please purchase one prior to class.
• small pair of sewing scissors
• embroidery hoops - bring all of them as we will be discussing the topic of hoops during class
• 3 to 4 spools 40wt embroidery thread
• 2 pre-wound embroidery bobbins (If you are not sure about this, we'll discuss it in class and you can obtain them at that time.)
• an ipad if you own one (time permitting, we will explore the AcuEdit, AcuMonitor and AcuSetter apps)

Bring lunch or snacks as this is an all-day class.

    If you have any questions, please email the instructor: kat@mulqueen.com

    If you purchased your Janome from Mulqueen Sewing Centers, the cost is free to atten
    d owner operations classes. If you purchased it elsewhere, there is a $60 charge to attend.

    Due to limited classroom space, pre-registration is required.

    Class and Club Policies

    Class and/or Club fees are required at the time of registration. Reservations will only be accepted at time of full payment. If you need to cancel a class, we must be notified a minimum of five (5) days in advance of the class. At five days, we guarantee the attendance to the teacher so she can prepare for the class. There will be no class refunds or credits given after that time period. We reserve the right to cancel a class if we do not have the minimum number of students the teacher requires. If that happens, a full refund or credit will be given. Please read over the supply list for the class completely to see what preparations or special products are needed for the class. Purchase your supplies prior to the class unless the supply list indicates differently.

    Please refrain from wearing scented sprays and lotions when attending classes and clubs.