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                             DEMYSTIFYING THE STIPPLE STITCH


 Location: East Mesa
Address: 3716 E. Main St,. Mesa, AZ 85205
Date: Dec 11th
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:30  PM
Instructor: Linda Hopkins


Having trouble mastering the common filler stitch stippling?  Let Linda Hopkins walk you through tips and techniques to make your stipple stitch into roaming, curving, flowing lines that fill background spaces on your quilt.  micro stippling and meandering will also be covered in this free motion quilting class.



  • Sewing machine
  • All cords
  • Manual
  • Sewing extension table if you own one
  • Three quilt sandwiches--consisting of a light tip, batting, and backing a minimum of 10 inches square  (optional also bring a quilt you want to stipple on)
  • Basic sewing supplies 
  • A ruler longer than your quilt sandwich
  • Wash away marker
  • Thread to contrast your top color and a 50 weight thread wound in the bobbin  (variety of threads is always better)
  • New number 75 or 80/12 needle

    Class & Club Policies 

    Class and/or Club fees are required at the time of registration. Reservations will only be accepted at time of full payment. If you need to cancel a class, we must be notified a minimum of five (5) days in advance of the class. At five days, we guarantee the attendance to the teacher so she can prepare for the class. There will be no class refunds or credits given after that time period. We reserve the right to cancel a class if we do not have the minimum number of students the teacher requires. If that happens, a full refund or credit will be given. Please read over the supply list for the class completely to see what preparations or special products are needed for the class. Purchase your supplies prior to the class unless the supply list indicates differently.