Miele Bagless Info

How Hygienic is it without a bag?

Hygienic emptying. Unlike other bagless systems, coarse dust is separated from fine dust. The fine dust is then collected in a separate container with the help of the Gore® CleanStream® fine dust filter. This keeps the fine dust contained when emptying the appliance.

Gore® CleanStream® fine dust filter

The innovative principle of separating coarse debris into a transparent dust container and fine dust into a different container with a separate fine filter makes emptying the Blizzard particularly hygienic. When compared to other bagless systems, the Miele Blizzard excels with significantly less fine dust escaping during emptying.


The dust container can be easily removed from the appliance by lifting it out by its handle. With one click on the "empty" button, the container opens and all the dust drops into the bin.


Special sensors monitor the Gore® CleanStream® fine-dust filter. The ComfortClean function automatically cleans the fine dust filter as required. After only a few seconds, the Blizzard CX1 is ready for use again and keeps on vacuuming powerfully.

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