Miele AH-30 HEPA Filter

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HEPA Filter for these Miele vacuum Cleaners

  • S300 Series
  • S400 Series
  • S500 Series
  • S600 Series
  • S700 Series
  • S2000 Series
  • S7000 Series
  • Classic C1 Series
  • Dynamic U1 Series

This filter replaces the previous AH-30 and HA-30 Active HEPA Filters

Unlike the outdoors, your home environment is one area where you can control the quality of the air you and your family breathe. Miele’s HEPA AirClean filters meet Europe's HEPA13 standards, capturing over 99.95% of all particles. Once activated, a TimeStrip® releases a red line of liquid over the course of one year, reminding users when it's time to replace their filter