Statler Start Up Package

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Start Up Package for a Statler by Gammill

Includes 10 bobbins, a maintenance kit (see below), 1 quart oil, 7 packages of needles, a pin dish, 8 cones of Omni thread, 4 cones of Omni V thread, 1 quick change foot set, 1 stand alone bobbin winder, 1 towa gauge, and 1 roll of 80/20 batting.

The Maintenance Kit in the package includes 1 each of the Towa Bobbin Case, Bobbin winder O’Ring Large, Anti-Backlash Spring Circle, Anti-Backlash Spring Football, Needle Set Screw, Check Spring Assembly Complete, Light Cone Spring and Three Hole Thread Guide.  In addition, the kit includes 2 each of the Encoder O ‘Ring, one red and one black push button switch, and Thread Guide (Slip on).